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Go beyond transactional relationships to make a difference for your clients and their families

We collaborate with advisors to support the wellbeing and future success of each family and their members. We help families get clear and develop healthy communication practices to increase connection and trust across generations. With this clarity, we collaborate to design processes and structures building vibrant families who steward the future together.

Collaborative Platform


Get clear on desired outcomes


Co-design people, process and structure


Take individual and collective action


Steward, learn and grow

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Foundational Elements


  • Gain clarity on what is important to you and why, to maximize your efforts
  • Step into decisions and take action towards what you care most about
  • Raise awareness of your unconscious barriers and see new possibilities


  • Build tools to support connection in relationships you care most about
  • Increase your capacity to create trust, collaborate and inspire engagement
  • Learn tools to step out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone
  • Connect with a community of advisors who want to add deeper value to their clients


  • Manage stress and build resilience
  • Be your most powerful when it matters most
  • Learn practices to build a mindset to learn and grow with momentum


  • Build and create an empowering community of advisors that support and collaborate together 
  • Community supports integrating people, process and structure 
  • Leverage a broad community of like-minded advisors to help families execute and steward for generations.
Activ8 Advisors

Being able to spend time with you has proven to be of great value to us, and sharing it with others is a bonus. Thank you for your help and guidance for making our lives better, and richer.

President 2nd Generation Business Owner

Generational Wellbeing

Gen. 1 engaged their advisor to help them address their concerns for Gen. 2 and 3.

The client needed assistance that would lead to both wealth and wellbeing for prospective generations.

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