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What would be possible if you were a high performing team that learns fast, builds trust, creates synergy and relentlessly executes on shared commitments?

Develop a High-Performance Team | For Initiatives that Matter

Have a critical project that needs a high level of execution? Working on innovative projects that haven't been done before? Looking to connect your remote team after a year of virtual work? Or maybe you're ready to take your entire culture (or an entirely remote workforce) to a new level.  Then we would enjoy the opportunity to work with you.

We see the untapped potential in each of your existing team members. We help you leverage that to come together, align and commit to take effective action within uncertainty.

Your people are your best and most powerful resource. You know they have untapped potential to take it to the next level. We'll partner with you to unlock it.

Create a synergetic learning organization where the people:

  • Connect at a high level to create cohesion and trust
  • Align around a clear mission with a high level of commitment
  • Consistently learn and innovate through uncertainty
  • Create  a mood of ambition and create value for all stakeholders
  • Take accountability for themselves and the outcomes of the organization
  • Make effective decisions with pace and support collective success


The Activ8 Experience:

  • Experience the foundational behaviors and practices to quickly generate trust and collectively execute.
  • Journey outside the comfort zone into the learning zone - learn key practice to consistently play in the learning zone and build the muscle of breakthrough learning.
  • Learn key capabilities to manage stress and leverage it to take action within fear. 
  • Develop collective practices to have each other’s back, create trust as a foundation for innovation
  • Experience our foundational framework for a high-performance learning organization.
  • Customized experiences and processes to meet your team's specific needs and desired outcomes.


Outcomes of the Experience:

  • Clarity and alignment
  • Breakthrough learning as an individual and collective muscle
  • Engagement, Cohesion, and Trust
  • High-performance communication that supports you in having the tough conversations
  • Individual and collective practices to create an ongoing high performance to navigate  uncertainty
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The Activ8 Process

We partner with you to co-create the process to ensure that we leverage what works best for your team. With this approach, we are able to establish trust and commitment to create a high-performing team in a short period of time through a 2-4 day in-person intensive program.

It takes more time, however, to develop the required awareness, skills and practices to establish new behaviors and a new culture based on that trust and commitment, and for that culture to become sustainable.

Our recommended approach, therefore, combines pre-work and development of team assessments, an intensive multi-day offsite experience, followed and leveraged by a program of skill-building and practice development to deepen the learning, establish norms and behaviors, and apply the learning to relevant, sustainable initiatives and actions.

This process has proven highly effective at creating increased awareness, clarity of purpose and aligned action.

Team Assessment

We typically start with an assessment of the current state of your team/organization through discussion with key stakeholders.

In some cases we can get information simply through a few conversations with you, in other cases, we perform structured interviews to better understand team dynamics and get clarity on desired outcomes, challenges, and opportunities. This allows us to design a process that best meets your needs.

Intensive Off-site

The intensive offsite experience is the fastest way to create connection, build trust, and set the foundation for high performance.

The engaging experiential learning format enables participants to experience unconditional support and get connected more deeply. This upfront work amplifies the following work - enabling deeper, richer conversations, and learning.  

Follow-up meetings

The follow-up work is critical to embedding the learning and practices from the offsite event. The offsite experience raises awareness and helps your team see possibilities. The follow-up work is necessary to translate those possibilities into action and to embed practices in your culture. 

Follow-up work can be live or virtual depending on the needs and desired outcomes for your team and organization. We provide online content and resources tailored to your team to support learning and ongoing individual and team practices.

We have a range of content and experiences to draw from. We typically integrate these tools around specific initiatives to create quick application and relevance.

*Individual coaching is also available as part of the follow-up process for team members as needed to support the overall process.

One example of how the process might look: 

Focus Key Tools and Outcomes
Foundation to Higher-Performance Intensive Offsite (2-2.5 days)
  • Discover how our intellect, body and emotion and their connectedness drives performance and our ability to learn and take action.
  • Learn a tool to manage stress over time and be our most powerful (ability to respond to stimuli in the moment)
  • Intentionally move from the comfort zone and into the learning zone, leading to new possibilities
  • Understand and break through limiting belief systems to reach new levels
  • Experience the power of vulnerability in turbo-charging relationships, teams and community
  • Develop practices into choosing, building and repairing trust to strengthen relationships to collaborate at high level reducing risk in our project team outcomes
  • Learn to create accountable cultures where the members “fill the gaps,” align around outcomes and drive for results
  • Experience practices where commitment is the norm, which drives innovation and execution.
  Sample of Follow-Up Tools
High-Performance Communication
  • Understand how speech is generative - that we create context for the future by how we speak
  • Learn the power of assessments in shaping the future - and the importance of effective grounding
  • Practice distinctions in speaking that enable more aligned action and effective relationships
  • Learn how to manage the key conversations for effecting innovation, execution, and vision
  • Leverage awareness training to be more skillful in engaging and leading
  • Identify personal triggers and coping mechanisms
Breaking Belief Barriers and Creating New Norms
  • Identify personal and professional norms that present barriers to the desired change
  • Practice creating a safe learning environment for risk-taking and enlarging the pool of possibility
  • Apply and experience the value of the fast-learning model
  • Develop personal declarations and supporting conditions of satisfaction
Making and Delivering on Commitments
  • Practice engaging in effective conversations for results - making effective requests, offers, and promises
  • Develop tools for managing breakdowns, giving and receiving feedback, and renegotiating commitments
  • Commit to specific individual practices
  • Celebrate


Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all that you wanted to know about our services.

We hear you. So many teams are overwhelmed, stressed, and overextended right now. That's exactly the right time for us. Our experience is that the most resistant team members are often the ones that become your biggest champions on the back end. We create an environment that makes your employees feel cared for and valued, and supports even the most resistant folks.

We don’t do flavor of the month. Our commitment is to transformational change and we work with teams and organizations who are fully committed to that vision of long-term sustainable change. As one client said, "this is the most impactful program we've ever done, and we've done them all". We take the time to get clear on the front end what is required from you and from us to get to the outcomes you desire. If your leaders aren’t ready for the full commitment required for real change and are looking for a simple experience only, we get it. We can help you find the right fit for you.

We are fully committed to you getting the outcomes you desire in a way that works for you. We spend time on the front end to get clear about what outcomes you care about, what challenges or constraints you have, and design a process to best meet those needs. If a shorter program is desired, we get clear on the front end what we can and can't do in that time frame. We only promise what we know we can deliver.

We get it. You care about your people and their wellbeing. You realize that if your people aren't working well, nothing is. Yet it can be difficult to convince the CFO it's worth investing in your people directly. ROIs from human work can be difficult to accurately calculate. That's why we often use a specific project or initiative as a direct application of the performance principles. We also take the time to get clear on what success means for stakeholders on the front end before we engage in process with you. We’ve had great success with this approach and documented significant ROIs.

Some companies use ropes courses as “challenge” courses. Meaning, the facilitators run the show and the primary goal is to complete the challenge. For us, the ropes course is an opportunity to learn about how you show up in situations that are uncomfortable. Every member of your team participates in the entire challenge - your team runs the course, supporting, maintaining safety, and are responsible for creating an environment that allows everyone to thrive. It’s not about the event, but about what each member learns from the experience about themselves and their team. We celebrate the vulnerability that inevitably shows up and the trust and deep connection that creates among the team. This is also why we don’t do “just the ropes course”. The conversations and experiences we have prior to and after the course are what makes it successful and set up an environment of trust, accountability, connection and commitment.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to building a high performing learning organization. We are committed to your success and know that means something different for each culture. *We customize the experience based on desired outcomes and your team size. Typical cohort sizes for a 2-3 day offsite and followup is 5-30 people.

*Costs for one cohort offsite + followup vary depending on team size and desired outcomes and typically range from $1,500-$3,500pp. Please schedule a call to discuss your specific budget needs and desired outcomes.

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