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Unleashing your Potential for Future Success

We have a perspective on high performance and learning that has been tested and applied over the past 35 years and continues to evolve. It is designed "for" people rather than being done "to" people.

Our role is not to have "the answer" but to help create the conditions for our clients come up with theirs so they can thrive into the future. Our approach first unlocks the untapped potential in each of us and then we co-create practices to make those shifts sustainable.


We're Moira & Erik, partners in business and in life. We believe we all have untapped potential and our ability to learn individually and collectively is at the heart of unleashing that. 

In 2007, our personal and work lives suddenly collided. Our unborn son was given less than 25% chance of survival at birth because of a severe birth defect. We were advised to terminate our pregnancy. Our existing beliefs were shattered, which launched us into our own learning journey.

What happened from there has been an adventure and life-given PhD in human potential. Our son and his medical team taught us the power of clarity over certainty, connection and commitment.

In many of our sessions, workshops and talks, we share our learning from our personal journey and connect it with relevant aspects of the Activ8 High Performance Framework.

We bring a mix of storytelling, science and experiential learning, to create highly engaging and impactful events. In our workshops, we delve into application and practices to support deep engagement and transformational change.

We'd love to connect and hear more about your team, family or community!

Speaking Topics

Here are our more popular topics

We integrate our core beliefs and human performance framework to create high impact for your audience.  We spend time getting clear about your desired outcomes, concerns, and needs so our talks and workshops are highly customized to ensure an impactful and engaging experience.

Strive for Clarity vs. Certainty

In a rapidly changing world, the desire for certainty can limit our ability to take action. Without action, our ability to learn and innovate is limited and slow. Understand the power of focusing on clarity to inspire commitment and alignment to take effective action.

Be Real to Breakthrough: The Power of Possibility

Often it's our own belief systems that limit what's possible. REAL breakthroughs happen when we put practices in place to reveal our limiting beliefs and create new possibilities we didn't previously see. High performance teams care far more about opportunity for improvement than they do about preserving personal images -- they will not trade a chance for extraordinary achievement for a shallow version of community.

Can Mindset Determine Your Wealth and Wellbeing?

Experience how mindset can help redefine wealth to create greater opportunity and clarity to design a life well lived.  We will introduce tools and experiences to help transcend your definition of Wealth Assets beyond material assets and guide a process to help you gain more clarity on what is important to you and why.

Flip the Script: A Powerful Way to Gain Real Engagement

Frustrated with the level of engagement in your organization or family business? Tried every "engagement process" and still not getting what you hope for? Re-think what real engagement means and understand how to inspire people to step in and take ownership while also creating joy, innovation and wellbeing.

Authentic Collaboration: On Purpose For A Purpose

Step into the unknown, into discomfort, to connect, learn and take effective action together.

Learn how an authentic collaboration empowered a collection of individuals to come together to achieve a seemingly unattainable result. A story of untapped human potential will guide the way.

Explore intentional practices that inspire people to align around a purpose, commit to contribute, and continuously learn. Trust reveals itself as the engine for collaboration, allowing us to break barriers and collectively achieve new possibilities together.

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