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We bring a powerful, customized framework to individuals, teams, and families to ignite breakthrough outcomes for long-term success

Activ8 supports you to break barriers, see new possibilities, and learn through taking action. Our process will show you how displaying vulnerability, embracing failure, choosing accountability, and supporting people to step out of their comfort zone ultimately empowers individuals, teams, and families and enables peak performance.

Harnessing mind, body, and spirit, activ8's framework allows you to tap into each domain of human experience to get aligned, build trust, and collaborate at a new level. Transformation is within reach and it's time to take the next step.

Experiential and Empowering

Activ8 helps individuals see new possibilities within themselves, unleashing their voice and value. Our approach is experiential and empowering which cultivates the power of trust and unconditional support. We introduce tools to move from the comfort zone to the learning zone, empowering people to take ownership of individual and collective success.

Proven framework for breakthrough results

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We work with organizations to develop team clarity and capability through Project WE. Aligning the broader team for increased accountability while applying new skills and practices will help deliver new levels of success. Continuously coordinating across functions and learning from your actions are keys to a team's growth.

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The foundation of high performance starts with you. Let us help you find your power for the moments that really matter - creating high impact for what you care most about. 

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Activ8 will help strengthen your family communication and collaboration. Creating a family roadmap that reflects individual and collective ambitions, supporting purposeful learning and leadership transitions among generations.

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our new book is now available!

“When a book challenges your life, your beliefs, and your attitude, it is a singular opportunity for real and sustainable growth, that can’t be missed. This story does all of that." -Dr. Gaia Marchisio

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