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Unleash Your Potential

Your ability to break through and continuously reach newer heights already resides in you. The opportunity to have impact and influence the outcomes you desire starts with you and your choice to be accountable and committed.

The foundation of our high performance framework are the domains of human experience - our intellect, body and emotions. What we experience in our lives and work, how we interact with those experiences, and how we allow them to shape us determines our path.

The practices at the individual level enable us to heighten our awareness of ourselves and develop strong skills for managing our relationships with others. Our BE REAL process supports your ability to Respond, Evolve, Align and Learn. To be your authentic self.



BE your most powerful | for the moments that matter


  • Build tools and practices so you can respond rather than react
  • Increase self-awareness to increase your choices and create new possibilities
  • Gain competencies and build resilience to take action within fear and navigate uncertainty


  • Gain clarity on your standards for success
  • Develop practices to support the outcomes you desire
  • Own your choices and create a clear vision for the future


  • Build competency to align around what you say you care most about
  • Develop the ability to enroll and collectively take action together
  • Create shared standards of what it will take to succeed


  • Consistently move out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone
  • Build the muscle to breakthrough existing belief barriers
  • Identify new possibilities that you didn't see before


Unlocking your potential starts with you

Awareness and the ability to be in the present moment lead to an integration of intellect, body, emotion and spirit.

Our approach to learning focuses on training and expanding your awareness.

We use conceptual, situational and experiential formats to increase your ability to respond to life with power, authenticity, creativity and compassion.

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Thank you for such an amazing experience! You've given me the tools and knowledge to be a better person, husband and father. What Activ8 does is something very special.

-President / CEO

Generational Wellbeing

Gen. 1 engaged their advisor to help them address their concerns for Gen. 2 and 3.

The client needed assistance that would lead to both wealth and wellbeing for prospective generations.

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