Generational Wellbeing

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Generation 1 engaged their advisor to help them address their concerns for Generations 2 and 3. The client had previously sought assistance from two other providers, but had not been able to gain traction in creating a healthier family dynamic – one that would lead to both wealth and wellbeing for prospective generations.


Create a Healthier Family Dynamic

Build Capabilities and Initiate Collaboration

Create a Family Roadmap and Execute on Key Actions

Fortify the Family & Enterprise for Long-Term

The solution

Working directly with the family advisor and each generation, noticeable progress was made within each phase of our framework. G1 went from “fixing” issues to gaining confidence in their families involvement and acknowledging their capabilities. G2 members are taking active roles in the family enterprises and recognizes how they need each other for both support and collaboration. G3 has developed deeper connections through shared experiences and new family standards.

Changing the relationship between the advisor and family from a transaction-based relationship to a hands-on approach has helped achieve major breakthroughs and enriched life experiences throughout generations. 

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