Generational Transition

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Three brothers built and ran a business for over two decades before selling it. Generation 1 had the foresight to see that the money could create a challenge for Generation 2 and wanted them to be able to handle the transition of wealth. Throughout the engagement, we worked closely with the family to foster effective, timely decision making and facilitate execution of key plans and transactions.


Educate & Equip the Family

Develop the Family Roadmap

Transition Leadership Between Generations

The solution

We introduced key concepts and tools, enabling each family member to engage, discover, and act in a way that was most relevant for him or her. Throughout this process, G1 learned the importance of creating space for G2 to step in, create, and deliver outcomes. They were able to experience the power of G2 moving from subordinates to leaders, from those being responsible for tasks to those taking accountability for the future of the family.

G1 is in a place of trust and confidence that the next generations will make effective decisions, both for their nuclear families and for successive generations.

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