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We work with organizations to turbocharge their transformational initiatives. We focus on human performance, enabling individuals to tap into more of their potential and teams to achieve new levels of collective success.

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We work with advisors to build collaborative teams integrating people, process and structure to help families to optimize their wealth and wellbeing while stewarding their resources for future generations.

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Activ8 delivers a unique value proposition for families to achieve major breakthroughs and enrich their life experiences. We focus on the meaning behind the assets and the important interactions that create the “why” for wealth and wellbeing. 

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We are committed to our clients' success

Peak performers weigh the mind, body, and spirit with equal importance

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Your ability to be present and focused. Enabling yourself to be aware of you surroundings and allowing yourself to experience, to think, and to feel. Your mind is continuously shifting as you experience. 

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Your ability to take action. Developing new capabilities to realize your intentions and making effective decisions that support yourself and surroundings.

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Your senior purpose. Developing more clarity regarding what you want out of your life – aligning where you want to go with your core values independent of prevailing cultural norms.


Activ8, has made a huge impact on my life. The stuff you teach is life changing. A lot of the information seems to be common sense, but the way you package it and deliver it, makes all the difference in the world. I am a better father, husband, business professional, and overall person because of what I have learned from you. Thanks again!!!

Sales Representative

Being able to spend more time with you has been tremendous value to our family, and sharing it with others is a bonus. Thank you for your help and guidance for making our lives better, and richer.

President 2nd Generation Business Owner

This is one of the most impactful programs we’ve ever done – and we’ve done them all. It touches on all the elements of wellbeing at once.

Manager, Employee Wellbeing

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