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Partnering with you to create a transformational, engaging, learning journey for your teams and families. We co-create with you to deliver high-impact outcomes that support your unique needs and desired outcomes.

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As teams grow, change, and re-engage in face-to-face environments, they are learning new frameworks for success. Now is the time to transform your individual and collective ability to create synergy within your teams. Grow organizational muscles to align, connect, build trust and learn fast. Navigate the uncertainty, breakthrough your existing barriers, and achieve new possibilities.

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Generational wealth transfer and family business transition should not be divisive, rather an opportunity for growth. Create a synergetic family learning culture. Support the entire family to gain clarity, build trust and collaborate at a higher level unleashing your individual and collective potential. Enrich your lives and build deeper relationships to create engagement and accountability for generational resilience and stewardship.

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Imagining what could be versus what is - can be the first step in your journey. Let us help you find your power for the moments that really matter - create high impact on what you care about most. Gain clarity to fulfill your potential and live a life of fulfillment and joy. Explore tools to deepen your self-awareness and move from the comfort zone into the learning zone.

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Ignite your learning journey

Peak performers weigh the mind, body and spirit with equal importance. We'll help you get there.

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Increase your impact, gain focus, and be effective in the present moment.

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Expand your comfort zone into the learning zone to learn fast, make more powerful choices and take more effective action.

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Gain clarity to navigate the uncertainty and be able to take action within fear. Let what you care most about be the guide.


Those 2 days with Activ8 were life-changing. It helped me get clear on what was true for me and gave me tools to take action. I am already a more effective leader and owner.

President & Owner

This is one of the most impactful programs we’ve ever done – and we’ve done them all. It touches on all of the elements of wellbeing at once.

Manager, Employee Wellbeing

Working with Activ8 has created tremendous value to our family, personally and professionally. Thank you for making our lives better, and richer in every sense of the word.

President 2nd Generation Business Owner

Activ8, has made a huge impact on my life. The stuff you teach and the experiences you create are life-changing. I am a better father, husband, business professional, and overall person because of what I have learned from you.

Sales Representative

I know the time we spent together was very much aimed to be in the business building context, but it had a profound impact on me personally and in a much more important/meaningful way.

Attorney / Partner

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"Your generosity of spirit and wisdom make the book a remarkable teacher and a transformative toolbox"

-George Saad, CEO PULSE Performance

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